Supporting you throughout pregnancy, birth and beyond

Whether you are pregnant or already have your newborn in your arms, Blossom Baby provides a range of pregnancy, birth and postnatal classes and services. Blossom Baby can support you whether you are expecting your first or fourth baby or want some additional support now your newborn has arrived.

Daisy Birthing® antenatal classes and couples workshops inspire women and their birth partners towards a more positive birth experience, encouraging women to believe in their ability to birth their babies in ways that are right for them, enabling them to approach birth with a sense of joy and confidence.

As a birth doula I support a woman’s right to choose where to birth her baby and believe in empowering her to make her own informed decisions throughout her pregnancy and the birth.

My postnatal mum & baby classes Blossom Baby Yoga Fun & Fitness are the perfect 4th trimester class for you and your baby. They help enhance the bonding and communication between you, provide gentle exercise and movements for both you and your baby, as well as offering you a chance to meet other mums and babies.

I am supportive of all decisions a mum makes for her birth – hospital or home, and for her baby – feeding, nappies, and parenting styles.

~ Helen

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