Couples Workshops

Daisy Birthing® birth preparation workshop: Bromsgrove & Redditch

An all-encompassing antenatal education journey through the stages of labour, birth and the precious first moments with your new baby.

couples workshop

Workshops bring together a range of techniques including movement, positions, breathing, relaxation, education and massage, to support you through every stage of your labour.

Each workshop will deliver:

  • A combination of traditional antenatal education with active birth awareness
  • The physiology of labour, what makes it start and what can cause it to slow down
  • How mum can work with her body and baby to ease through the stages of labour, adapting as it progresses
  • Simple breathing techniques for each stage of labour which will make all the difference
  • Techniques for the birth partner to use to support mum during labour
  • An easy way to understand medical induction and interventions
  • Make friends with local parents-to-be, supported by our online community
  • Workshops last three to four hours and are ideal from 33 weeks of pregnancy, onwards
  • Group and private workshops available

Daisy Birthing® A practical, educational and supportive journey through pregnancy, labour and birth.

Refreshments will be provided for group sessions (hot drinks, juices, fresh fruit, cakes/biscuits)

Group sessions: £95 per couple or £85 if you book together with a new term of classes or renewal

Private sessions: Details on request

For more information about The Daisy Foundation and Daisy Birthing visit or contact me.

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