Supporting you throughout pregnancy, birth and beyond

Wherever you are in your parenting journey, I offer a range of services to support you throughout, including:

Whether you are pregnant or already have your newborn in your arms, Blossom Baby provides a range of pregnancy, birth and postnatal classes and services. Blossom Baby can support you whether you are expecting your first baby or your fourth (or more) or want some additional support now your newborn has arrived.


The perfect end to pregnancy, the perfect prep for labour…


The Wellbeing Tree in Bromsgrove. Contact me



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In person classes return to Webheath Village Hall on Mondays and at The Wellbeing Tree, Bromsgrove on Tuesdays.


NEW! A doula in your pocket!

The Virtual Doula: Don’t want or cannot have a doula in person at your birth but would like the personal support a doula brings for during your pregnancy and once baby arrives? How about a VIRTUAL DOULA!

Looking for the ultimate antenatal, birth and parenting preparation package?

Birth Unlimited: includes everything I do, without actually hiring me as your doula!

Prices from £249 and includes weekly pregnancy classes, a partner workshop, breastfeeding & baby care class, plus a labour preparation treatment at 37 weeks, and postnatal support too for when baby arrives!

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Blossom Baby antenatal and postnatal courses and workshops are currently being delivered in a blended approach using LIVE sessions on ZOOM and in person where possible so please come join our Blossom Baby community…

Antenatal courses: I hold a license to deliver Daisy Birthing® antenatal classes and couples workshops inspiring women and their birth partners towards a more positive birth experience, encouraging women to believe in their ability to birth their babies in ways that are right for them, and enabling them to approach birth with a sense of joy, excitement and confidence. I love running Daisy Birthing classes. They are the 4 in 1 pregnancy class just for mum to be; combining the best of pregnancy yoga, birth hypnosis, active birth and antenatal education.

Blossom at Home: Mindful Birthing Online Pregnancy Classes & Parenting Support. A course of pregnancy classes that honour the physiology and autonomy of you and your baby, alongside relaxation, mindfulness and powerful birthing techniques.

Birth Doula: I support a woman’s right to choose where to birth her baby and believe in empowering her to make her own informed decisions throughout her pregnancy and the birth. I am supportive of all decisions a mum makes for her birth – hospital or home, and for her baby – feeding, nappies, and parenting styles.

The Birth Prep Toolkit: A 2 hour online birth preparation session to learn some tips and tools to help during labour and birth and prepare for the birth of your baby.

Your Virtual Doula: Don’t want or cannot have me as your a doula in person at your birth but would like the personal support a doula brings for during your pregnancy and once baby arrives? How about hiring me as your VIRTUAL DOULA! 

Relax & Release…into birth: These sessions are designed to support women nearing the end of their pregnancy, and include practical preparation, emotional support, birth hypnosis, optimal foetal positioning, gentle massage and other techniques designed to relax you.

Breastfeeding Support & Workshops: with over 10 years’ experience and extensive training in breastfeeding I can provide effective support to you after your baby is born, over the phone or in person at your home. I also run breastfeeding and baby care antenatal workshops for couples.

Baby Massage & Yoga: My postnatal mum & baby classes Blossom Baby Littlies are the perfect 4th trimester class for you and your baby. They help enhance the bonding and communication between you, provide gentle exercise and movements for both you and your baby, as well as offering you a chance to meet other mums and babies. My Blossom Baby Wrigglies class is perfect for older babies who are on the move.

Birth recovery therapy services: I can also provide support to couples who have experienced fertility or pregnancy difficulties as well as support following a difficult birth or postnatal event. As part of my support work with you, I use REWIND, EFT (tapping) and EMDR techniques, which can help lift the negative emotions associated with a past perinatal experience.

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