Baby Yoga Classes

Littlies for babies 6 weeks to 6 months. Wrigglies for older babies up to walking.

Postnatal mum and baby classes


Blossom Baby includes baby massage, postnatal mum & baby yoga, music, singing, dancing, and sensory play


Blossom Baby classes involve exercise for you and your baby. Many exercises are enjoyed together, some with the use of props such as scarves, ribbons, gym ball, puppets etc. We also use lots of rhyme, songs and music. We start with a gentle warm up and dry massage (over clothes and no oils) and end with a lovely relaxation.

The class offers quality physical stimulation including flowing postures, holding, movement, touch, voice and relaxation. It induces a happy, care-free and lively parent-infant interaction, which develops as your baby grows.  All activities are also designed with the 3 prime areas of the Early Years Foundation framework in mind so they help with your baby’s communication and language, physical development as well as their personal, social and emotional development.

Baby classes are designed for babies aged 6 weeks to crawling with confidence and beyond.


The mental and physical benefits of this fun activity are wide-ranging including better and longer sleeping patterns, easier digestion (colic/wind), self-esteem, better body awareness assisting with development skills for rolling and crawling, as well as enhanced bonding and communication with your baby.


Themed classes and activities throughout the year

Xmas fun
Hallowe’en pumpkin bumpkins
Easter parade
What’s up doc?

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