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Birth preparation and support throughout your pregnancy and the early days for you & your partner…

Want a relaxed way to prepare for your birth?


Pregnant?  Looking for an antenatal class in WORCESTERSHIRE?

If you are looking for an antenatal class in Worcestershire, please read on!

As well as doula services, I offer antenatal classes with The Daisy Foundation – the perfect opportunity to gently move, breath and relax your way through pregnancy and birth.

To Book

Book your 6 week Daisy Birthing course here or find out more about class and workshop bundles and discounts here

If you have any problems using the online booking form, please do get in touch!  It might be that a mum-to-be has recently given birth and a space has opened up – the website won’t always reflect this promptly, so it really is worth dropping me a line!

Advanced booking is essential. This isn’t a drop in session, because it’s really important I avoid overbooking so that I can make time for each person. I also need to be aware of any potential medical concerns that may affect you or your unborn baby during the class so that you are both as safe and comfortable as possible.


I am based in Redditch. We use Webheath Village Hall, Redditch on Monday evenings at 7.30pm and The Wellbeing Tree, Bromsgrove on Tuesday evenings at 7.30pm. Each class is 90 minutes.  Classes usually run in blocks of 6 weeks and are suitable from 14 weeks of pregnancy.

Please be aware that weekly classes are for mums-to-be only.  If you would like something your partner can attend with you, I offer workshops as well.  These are usually every 2 months on a first come, first served basis (limited availability).

What is included? 

Each class combines movement, breathing and relaxation, alongside practical information about labour, birth and maternity care. Most importantly, we repeat information alongside movement and breathing to build muscle memory so that the techniques are there for you when you need them most! The aim is to help you navigate your choices and support you through them, whatever you decide and how ever your pregnancy and birth unfolds.


Each movement is included to directly benefit you during pregnancy or birth.

Are you experiencing common pregnancy aches and pains?  Things like backache, swelling, cramp, indigestion, heartburn, constipation, carpal tunnel syndrome, worries about birth, insomnia and nausea?

These are all things Daisy Birthing aims to ease or prevent.

Other benefits include:

  • gently prepare your body for birth
  • practise powerful techniques for use during labour
  • information about birth and the maternity system, so that you can make informed choices about your care
  • tools to combat the rise of adrenaline, so you can stay calm and focused
  • techniques that facilitate smooth, efficient dilation
  • deep relaxation
  • adapt to your pregnant body
  • improve alignment, which in turn also eases aches and pains and also encourages your baby into their best position!
  • create space so that you can breathe easily and deeply, and enable your baby to find their best position
  • build muscle memory, so that nothing goes “out of the window” at the crucial time!
  • increase confidence
  • better sleep
  • peer to peer support, without judgement, continuing beyond pregnancy if you choose!

These antenatal classes are specifically designed for you to be able to use the techniques when it really counts!  Through repetition, they become second nature, like riding a bike or driving a car.

I also offer birth support, so I have seen Daisy Birthing techniques in action, and I have seen how well they work!

Can my partner attend with me? 

The weekly pregnancy class is ideal for mums to be.  If you would also like something your partner can attend with you, I also run antenatal workshops, which are specifically for both of you to attend.

Together, they make up a complete course of antenatal education, which improves your chances of a positive, confident birth.  Both of you will leave with the knowledge to make informed choices, and the skills that are transferable if things don’t go as smoothly as we all hope and expect.  There is a discount if you book a workshop at the same time as a course of weekly classes.

I am planning to breastfeed. Do you offer classes to help prepare?

Yes the next workshop is in October. More details here. These are three hours long, they are ideally for you and your partner to attend together and my aim is for you to leave with a really good working knowledge of “what is normal” so that you can feel completely prepared and confident in nurturing your baby.

I am already quite late in my third trimester – can I still attend classes?

It doesn’t matter how close to your EDD you are, it is never too late to begin planning your confident birth!  I have a range of options for all stages of pregnancy.  If I don’t have space on a group class, I may be able to offer you one-to-one support. I am usually flexible – I want you to have the support and preparation you need so that your birth can be as positive as possible!

I am also offering a wonderful one-to-one relaxation for those who are 37w+.  I meet so many mums-to-be who are fed up at this stage.  I really believe that people nearing the end of pregnancy need unique support at this time, to ensure that you have a high level of oxytocin and endorphin – exactly what your body needs when labour begins! This is where “Relax & Release” comes in.  It includes a range of elements, each deliberately included to help you feel relaxed and confident in body and mind.  I don’t know of anyone else offering this and I would love your help to build a solid picture of the impact this type of caring can have!

Contact me to find out more about Relax & Release.

Complete Birth Prep Package

If you are between 14 and 32 weeks, and you can see a benefit in each of these classes, try the Birth Unlimited package – all these classes in one discounted bundle.

Price list:

Daisy Birthing 6 week course: £85

Active Birth Workshop for couples: £85

(Discounts often available for booking both together)

Breastfeeding workshop: £75 (includes one postnatal home visit)

Relax & Release: £40 (RRP)

Birth Unlimited package (unlimited weekly classes, couples birth workshop, online breastfeeding class, relax and release):

Starting weekly class between 14-19 weeks: £379

Starting weekly class between 20-24 weeks: £349

Starting weekly class between 25-30 weeks: £289

Starting weekly class from 31 weeks onwards: £259

Just want a weekly online pregnancy class? Click here for more about Blossom at Home: Mindful Birthing

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