Blossom @ Home: Mindful Birthing

Online Pregnancy Classes & Parenting Support

A course of pregnancy classes that honour the physiology and autonomy of you and your baby, alongside relaxation, mindfulness and powerful birthing techniques.

As a doula, many people ask me for pregnancy and parenting support, but they don’t always necessarily want another person in the room when they give birth – and I totally understand that! I am still happy to serve you. According to research* antenatal preparation can have a positive effect on women and their partners, but there are many barriers to attending classes in person for some people, such as shift work, child care issues, anxiety of group settings, transport difficulties, inflexible employers, living too far from your preferred teacher or class, and now, of course, the coronavirus!

This is why I have created Blossom@Home: Mindful Birthing.  An interactive weekly LIVE class that you attend via MS Teams from the comfort and safety of your own home!

Blossom’s course of online classes helps you prepare for birth and mothering in the way that is right for you. 

We will cover everything from pregnancy challenges – (sickness, nausea, tiredness, swelling, aches and pains, anxiety) and birthing techniques (breathing, positioning, navigating the maternity care system), to breastfeeding and parenting a brand new baby. The approach is practical and evidence-based and I’d like for there to be some laughs along the way! Each session ends with a deep relaxation.

These classes are suitable for all stages of pregnancy from 14 weeks and you can continue right up until your baby is born.

Classes are booked in an 8 week block and you can continue right up until your baby arrives and fees can be pro rata’d on renewal. Courses can be joined anytime up to week 3 of a term. Classes are 90 minutes. Course costs £79. Contact me to book now. Classes are Tuesdays at 7pm.

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*Source: Murphy Tighe, S (2010) An exploration of the attitudes of attenders and non-attenders towards antenatal education