Blossom @ Home: Baby Yoga


Once we can return to in person classes I will be offering a new online baby yoga class for those who prefer to attend virtually or who cannot attend in person due to availability.

This new way to join Blossom Baby classes is via a monthly subscription. The subscription is £29 per month and includes a weekly baby class and access to my Blossom Baby LIVE group where I will be posting live videos, movements and relaxations. 

My 40-minute baby class is a really gentle and relaxing combination of yoga movement, dry massage, postnatal movements, stretches and relaxation, as well as some fun stuff too.

Littlies (6 weeks to 5 months) is Wednesdays via ZOOM at 11am

Wrigglies (5 months to toddlerhood) is Wednesdays via ZOOM at 10am

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