Couples Birth Workshops

A birth workshop for you and your partner to prepare for your baby’s birth together.

This 4 hour workshop takes place on a Saturday morning at a cost of £85* per couple.

The birth workshop is for mum-to-be and her birth companion to cover the basics of antenatal education and help you prepare for an active and informed birth. The workshop will give you the space to prepare as a team and confidently plan for your baby’s birthing day. Daisy will help you understand the stages of labour and the impact of gravity to support your baby’s birth. You will learn massage and other comfort measures for labour, helping to inform your own individual choices for a confident and calm birth.

Venue: Stoke Prior, Bromsgrove

  • A discount is available when booked with a 6 week Daisy Birthing course.

Group sessions: £85 per couple or £75 if you book together with a 6 week term of Daisy Birthing weekly classes.

Private sessions: £120

Couples workshops can be included in a Blossom Baby Birth Unlimited Deluxe Birthing package

Prices starts from £249 depending on your stage of pregnancy when you join (includes weekly Daisy Birthing throughout the rest of your pregnancy, a couples birth workshop, a breastfeeding & baby workshop (with a postnatal home visit) and relaxation & release treatment at 37+ weeks.

For more information about my antenatal workshops or Birth Unlimited packages please contact me.

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