Perinatal Trauma Support

Was your birth difficult?

Or perhaps you had a traumatic event during your pregnancy or during the postnatal period, including relating to breastfeeding?

Or perhaps you have experienced fertility issues, which have left you with negative emotions that affect you every day?

As part of my support work with you, I use the 3 step REWIND and EMDR techniques, which can help lift any negative emotions associated with a past perinatal experience. These techniques can help lift the emotions associated with perinatal trauma, whilst not removing any of the memory.

I am a TBR practitioner (Traumatic Birth Recovery) and trained in the 3 Step Rewind technique.

I am also trained by Dr Kate Beaven-Marks from Hypnotic in EMDR techniques and can use this very effective tool when I work with clients.

I can work with you face to face at my Wellbeing Hub in Bromsgrove or for those who are further away or prefer not to travel I can work with you via Zoom.

I offer a no obligation initial chat on the phone to see how I might be able to help before we agree a plan of support for you.

Maternal Mental Health Awareness week – post birth emotional health & wellbeing