Traumatic Birth Recovery

Was your birth difficult?

Or perhaps you had a traumatic event during your pregnancy or during the postnatal period, including relating to breastfeeding?

Or perhaps you have experienced fertility issues, which have left you with negative emotions that affect you every day?

“Helen is so warm and welcoming, she put me at complete ease and was so calming throughout the sessions too. I knew I could talk confidently to Helen.”

As part of my support work with you, I use EFT (known as tapping), BIRTH REWIND and EMDR techniques, which can help lift any negative emotions associated with a past perinatal experience. These techniques can help lift the emotions associated with perinatal trauma, whilst not removing any of the memory.

“If I were to have another baby in the future, I wanted to have a confident and positive birth next time.”

I am a trained EFT therapist working towards my EFT International accreditation and trained by EFT Founding Master Tania Prince. EFT is a fast and effective therapy for working on anxiety, stress, depression and trauma as well as clearing negative and limiting beliefs to help you move forward with your life. 

I am a TBR practitioner (Traumatic Birth Recovery) and trained in the Birth Rewind technique.

I am also trained by Dr Kate Beaven-Marks in EMDR techniques and can use this very effective tool when I work with clients.

“I was able to look back on the traumatic memories that used to really bother me without bothering me much, if at all. “

Listening and birth debrief service: I also offer a listening and debrief service to help you understand better the feelings about your birth experience, explore with you how they are affecting your every day life and work towards resolving them so you can move forward positively with your life. This may also include planning for your next birth such as creating a trauma-informed birth plan or helping you approach your care provider.

“My goal at the start was to be able to talk about birth and my experience without it negatively affecting me and for my memory of the birth not to bother me in a negative way.”

I can work with you face to face at my Wellbeing Hub in Bromsgrove or for those who are further away or prefer not to travel I can work with you via Zoom.

I offer a no obligation initial chat on the phone to see how I might be able to help before we agree a plan of support for you.

“One of the best parts to come out of the sessions was that Helen helped me remember positive memories about my birth that beforehand I could not recall at all, and these happy memories now obscure the not-so-nice ones.”

Price for Traumatic Birth Recovery services:

Listening service £35*

Birth trauma support £150 (individual) £200 (couples)

*The listening service fee is deducted if further services are accessed i.e. EFT, Rewind or EMDR so you don’t pay again if you wish to work further on your feelings in relation to your birth experience. 

“I cannot thank Helen enough for this new positive outlook and without a doubt I highly recommend Helen for traumatic birth recovery therapy.” 

Here’s a video I did live on Facebook in 2020 during the first coronavirus lockdown during National Maternal Mental Health Awareness week – if you have recently had a baby or have a friend or loved one who has had a baby recently this is definitely worth a watch. Grab a cuppa – it’s about 12 minutes. This is just as valid now.

Maternal Mental Health Awareness week – post birth emotional health & wellbeing