Postnatal Doula

I also offer postnatal doula services if you would like support at home once baby has arrived. I am happy to work as your postnatal doula even if I have not been your birth doula.

postnatal doula

Overnight Doula: I offer an overnight doula service where I can help with baby care overnight, whether this is bottle feeding baby through the night, or if you are breastfeeding bringing baby to you to feed when they wake and then caring for baby in between so you can have a more restful night. This is bookable for 10 hours overnight (9pm-7am) at a cost of £120 plus travel.

Postnatal breastfeeding

Caroline with baby Brody: Photograph by Holly Sharpe

Breastfeeding support and baby care: After the birth, I can support with breastfeeding – as a fully trained and experienced breastfeeding supporter I can help from the very first feed through to the early days and weeks. I can also provide support with practical baby care and handling of baby, light household duties, looking after siblings and even support during the first trip to the supermarket!

Please contact me to discuss your specific needs.

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