Relax & Release…into birth

What’s involved…?

Who is it for?
Relax & Release sessions are intended for women nearing the end of their pregnancy, to support you through the challenges this phase brings. I am happy to attend you any time from 37 weeks.

This is suitable for all pregnancies, whether spontaneous labour is expected or not. It would be especially suitable a day or two before induction (including a membrane sweep). It would also be helpful during a long prodromal phase (where contractions “niggle” on and off for several days).

We can work together on a 1:1 basis, or your partner may be included – whatever feels most comfortable for you! In general, if they are present, it is really important they should be included (just like during birth). Otherwise, instead of feeling more relaxed, you tend to feel on edge, and that’s the opposite of what I would like us to achieve.

I have three aims:

1. For you to feel as comfortable as possible.

2. To help you clear the path so that hopefully there is nothing holding you back from going into labour when the time comes.

3. Explore the impact this kind of support can have on parents, not just their immediate physical comfort, but also the timing of the onset of labour and their emotional wellbeing before, during and after the birth.

In real terms, I hope that this kind of support will increase the chance of spontaneous labour in a completely safe, non-medical way. I hope that, if induction of labour is still necessary for someone after their Relax & Release session, they will feel informed and confident throughout, and that the process will be smoother for them. I hope that this just helps them feel better, and if that’s “all” we manage, I consider it a big “all”.

I want you to feel pampered. I want you to feel heard. I want you to feel ready. I want you to feel comfortable. I want you to feel confident. I want you to feel safe. I want you to feel so relaxed, you could pick yourself up and pour yourself into a bowl! 

What is included?

Relax & Release brings together all the things that are known to be both benign and beneficial to women in late pregnancy. 

Practical preparation, emotional support, birth hypnosis, various forms of release, optimal foetal positioning, gentle massage and a host of techniques designed to hopefully bring you to a deep state of relaxation. 

£40 for first session

£15ea for subsequent sessions

Session in 42nd week are completely free

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Current Special Offer:

£10 per session. This is a deposit to secure your booking and is fully refundable when the sessions are complete and a couple of short questionnaires are completed.