Your Virtual Doula

Would you like personal support during your pregnancy and birth? Would you like someone to talk through things with? Would you like someone to ask about things you’re not sure about or situations that are worrying you? Then I can be your VIRTUAL DOULA! Like a doula app on your phone, only better! A doula in your pocket!

Imagine after your midwife appointment that you have questions and don’t know who to ask. Imagine you could message or call someone independent, knowledgeable and experienced to ask those questions. Someone who knows you and your individual needs and wishes. Someone who has the time dedicated to your needs and wishes. Imagine being in late pregnancy and faced with decisions about your birth choices.

“Helen was there for me via facebook chat (my preferred medium) thoughout my pregnancy. She talked through birth options with me and helped me with planning my chosen birth arrangements, which were sometimes not what the medical profession would have advised.” – Heather

As your VIRTUAL DOULA you can message or call me to discuss a way forward for you.  I can signpost you to the latest research and information so you can make a fully informed decision that’s right for you. I can talk you through all your options.

If you are anxious about giving birth I can provide you with a birth toolkit full of useful tips, techniques and information to help give you reassurance and build your confidence. 

Our NHS is amazing! Sometimes maternity services may not feel as personalised to you as you need or want, or you want support to do things a little differently to what is being suggested to you. I can provide the moral support to give you the strength to ask for what you need from your maternity care provider. I can be an independent and knowledgeable person to talk things through with; and give you tools to work through what you want and how to get it.  

I have been doing this for over 10 years.  I have helped many women and their partners as they navigate the maternity care system. I take phone calls and reply to messages from women who are in labour, wanting to discuss what their options are in real time in the labour room.

I especially love to support women who may not be being as well supported in their choices as they want and are searching for other options: home birth, older women, gestational diabetes, strep B, high BMI, birth after caesarean, twins, and breech. My aim is to help women find the options when they may feel they don’t have any and provide advice and information, especially relating to their birth rights.

You may not live near me, or may not even want someone at your birth, or you may have a doula already, but you think you might benefit from my expertise and coaching.  This is the next best thing to having me there in person.

I have years of experience and broad knowledge of birth and related issues.  I have helped lots of women negotiate their care. 

Every family is unique and deserves a unique approach to their maternity care.

As your VIRTUAL DOULA we will have 2 online antenatal preparation sessions, plus I will be available for you by phone and text up to the birth, and then for 2 weeks after when you have a new baby including up to 2 online feeding support sessions.  If you want me for longer I’m happy to do that too.

I will send you relevant website links, videos and MP3s.

I will go on call for you from 38 weeks and you can ring me in labour if you need support with decision making or keeping calm. We can even do an online session in labour, perhaps if your labour slows or stops. 

All that personal care and support for just £800.  BOOK HERE

Message or call me for more details. I offer a free initial chat online so we can meet face to face and chat about the support you would like.